New Boss

“Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss” is a famous line for The Who classic
“Won’t get fooled again”. The addenage isn’t necessarily always true.  Especially
if your company was taken over and you now have a new boss.  In most take over, the new
company comes in and revamp everything.  Amoung the new things that are
introduced is a new employee handbook.  Study it wisely before you sign it and hand
it over to your HR department.  That document that you are about to sign bacially lays out
your new rights and obligations to your new employer.

It might also take away some of your rights like vacation benefits.  Its true that you
might have to do or put up with the same shit you did before but your new boss might
also have some new tricks up his sleeves.

So make sure you read your updated employee handbook carefully and figure out the new
rules of the game.

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