Employee Benefits

Vending machines and cafeterias at the workplace are not normally
considered an employee benefit but a perk.  However, the Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention reported that health cost of obsesity
in the US is as high as $147 billion annually.

Everyone gets hungry at around 3pm at work and the vending machines
are their only source for nutrition.  The only problem is that these
vending machines are usually full of high calorie food that contribute
to the obsity of the work force.

Some are now arguing that the employer must do more and seek to find
healthier snakes for the vending machines.  This has created a new
industry as vendors are how seeking to provide healthier options for
companies’ employees.

However, introducing healthier food as has its own political backlash.
Some employees may not like a wholesale switch to all healthier food.
Like a animal who is addicted to cigarettes, you might have to either
gradually make the switch or cut them off cool.  Some companies have
found better sucess giving people incentives to eat healthier.

For example, you can give your employee special discounts for buying
healthier foods or giving them a free fruit drink after order buying
5 apple juice.

Its also a good idea to allow your workers to be a part of the ordering
process.  Take votes or polls on what your employees want.  Penuts vs.
Almonds.  This encourage and help you supply what people want and demand.